Student Health

CJ, the drummer of Student Health

This Sunday I’ll be going to see my friends band, Student Health, play at a new house venue in Durham. I’m really excited about this because I haven’t seen any of them since classes started and their band isn’t half bad. I’m also excited because the new venue, Snaccxhouse, is being run by another one of my friends and should overall just be a really fun time. I have’t been to a punk show in a while and the environment, yet wild, is always super friendly and all the people are so nice. I miss my friends and am really excited to see them tomorrow.



This week my main focus has been on the composite assignment. I wasn’t really sure what I was going to make but after reviewing some of my photos I finally got an idea that I liked. It’s a little silly but from what I noticed most campsites are. I got the idea from only an old nursery rhyme but I wont tell you which until you see it on Monday. The photo above is just a sneak peek and on of the six images I used in my composite, just the spider is included but you probably figured that one out.


Max Patch

Since school has started I haven’t really left Asheboro unless to shot an assignment. I decided last weekend that it was about time I do something for myself and took a day trip to see the sunset at Max Patch on Wednesday. It was a bit of a stupid deciton but I think it was pretty worth it. The drive out there wasn’t too bad, I’ve driven four hours before, I could handle it! But dang was the drive back grooling; making that a day trip was a little stupid but I somehow got back just before midnight and still got seven hours of sleep. I’m not complaining. The trip was great and I definitely got some great photos out of it but dang do I wish I went over the weekend.

Loved ones

This weeks weekly assignment was loved ones, which sounds pretty easy but sorta wasn’t. I’m not use to photographing the people around me so one thing that kept happening is that i wouldn’t remember to take people pictures when they were around. Another struggle was there are only so many people around for m to photograph that I started to struggle with finding new people. On the plus side of things I got some pretty cute pictures of friends and it was a good excuse to see people that I haven’t in a while, I even made it out to Durham to see my parents for the first time since classes started.

Nasty Nineteen

So September 28 was my birthday. I invited a few friends over and we all hung out and it was a really grate time. I love all my friends and they made sure I had an extra ordinary day. I just want to thank them for never letting a smile leave my face and not letting me say no to being spoiled. They are truly spectacular people and I am so happy to have them in my life. Thank you Kaite for decorating my apartment and forcing me to feel special. You complement me as much as I do you and will never let me think any less of myself. Thank you Hayley for always making me smile and talking to me about our crazy hopes and dreams that I don’t share with anyone. Thank you Julie for driving over an hour out just to hang out with me and some strangers you’ve never met. Thank you all for being such amazing people.


Also look how cute that bull is!!

Week of Flash

This weeks Photo of the day theme, I guess you could call it, is flash. I’ve enjoyed this assignment a lot more than I expected. I expected to struggle a lot with it and hate bringing my flash around all the time like I do my camera. It turns out I really like how the flash can make an image look and other then the fact that I have to cary it around, I am very happy I’ve been practicing. This image is what I took Monday and it’s something I couldn’t achieve without the flash. I pre visualized it, played around with my settings and, bam, got it! It was a very rewarding moment even though it’s a simple picture to take.

Creative Blog?

One of my PODs from this week

I know we don’t have to write about a school assignment for this blog post but school is basically all I do. PJ has consumed my life and it’s crazy but I love it. Every week is a new busy, long and stressful week but I seem to enjoy every assignment i’m given and often think to myself “I’m happy this is what I’m doing.” I am not the type of person who sits still and Photojournalism defiantly is a good fit for me. The class is defiantly difficult but it is impossible to go a week without learning anything. Sorry this isn’t too creative.


Tonight’s the end of a long week.

The first week of class I remember Jay saying to basically throw away my social life because this program was going to take up all my time and man was he right. Having a social life along with this program is just exhausting. I have very few breaks and when I do I just think about how I should be working on one of y many assignments. But wow do I love what I’m doing. The people I’m meeting are amazing and the things I’m doing are so fun. I got to kayakic into a cave and camp out with a bunch of people I’d never met before. I’m constantly meeting new people and doing new things and its just so much fun.


Wednesday was the first day of shooting the documentary and wow! It was a lot of fun finally getting started on something we’ve been talking about for weeks now and it went better then I expected. Of course there was a fiasco with equipment and getting everything organized but once we got to Clays house everything ran pretty smoothly. The entire process went a lot slower then I expected which felt nice compared to football. I was so worried it would be super fast pace and I’d stumble and get behind or miss a shot but it was quite the opposite. Over all Wednesday just made me more excited to shot this documentary and I really it turns out well.

Rainbows & Unicorns

All of first year I assumed I was the youngest in our class, turns out I was wrong, but that doesn’t make me any less a kid. As I’ve grown up over this past year I’ve learned a lot. I think one of my favorite lessons is that you don’t really have to grow up. I mean You still have to be responsible and mature when the moment calls for it but I’m still allowed to have fun. In a weird way I’m able to have more fun as an “adult” I just have to watch myself because my parents aren’t always around to. My childhood definitely isn’t over yet and I’m going to enjoy every possible moment.