Nasty Nineteen

So September 28 was my birthday. I invited a few friends over and we all hung out and it was a really grate time. I love all my friends and they made sure I had an extra ordinary day. I just want to thank them for never letting a smile leave my face and not letting me say no to being spoiled. They are truly spectacular people and I am so happy to have them in my life. Thank you Kaite for decorating my apartment and forcing me to feel special. You complement me as much as I do you and will never let me think any less of myself. Thank you Hayley for always making me smile and talking to me about our crazy hopes and dreams that I don’t share with anyone. Thank you Julie for driving over an hour out just to hang out with me and some strangers you’ve never met. Thank you all for being such amazing people.


Also look how cute that bull is!!


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