This week was the first week of shooting football and it was just as much fun as I expected. It was a little nerve racking just walking onto the field of a school id never been to before but once I stopped thinking about that and got into the mind set of a photographer I got really into the game. Now, I don’t know much about football and was quite confused on which team had the ball and which way they were going to run but caught on pretty quickly and by the second half I was getting some good shots.



The End of Week 1

One of my favorite assignments so far is photo a day. I like always having a reason to shoot; no excuses. One thing this assignment is really making me work on is my motivation. During the week I tend to be very motivated, I’ve left my apartment and will find any and every reason to not go back.


But when Friday rolls around and my butt hits the couch I don’t want to leave.

My friends will often want to see me so I’ll get up and go out Friday and Saturday completely filling my days and finally going to sleep when completely exhausted.


The dreaded Sunday.

My day.

The last day of a long week where all I want to do is stay in bed.


“No” says the assignment!

“NO, you must go out and take pictures!”

Which I do and I end up enjoying myself because I really do like the assignment.

I know this assignment will be hard for me but in a good way. It’ll push me to do more and keep going even when I’m scared or nervous. I’m excited to see how this assignment helps me grow and push my boundaries as a photographer.

Anyways, I’m allowed one pickle jar a week… Maybe that’ll be Sundays?


Week 1

This week went by so quickly and It’s not even over. Being a PJ student, my assignments keep me moving and out of the house. I really like this and its one of the reasons I chose it but WOW am I tired. I have a feeling this semester is going to be one really big push.

The controlled burn was an amazing experience and I’m so happy I got to shoot it; especially the first week of school. It was a real eye opener on what it could be like to be a photojournalist and there’s nothing I want to do more. All the people were really nice and I didn’t just learn about photography but also about what it takes to be a Firefighter. What they do is something I could never and I respect them even more after for it.

Busy Body

This past week I was pretty busy; we were all pretty busy. I spent Monday in class, story boarding, and playing around with all the video new equipment.

Meet Stella

I came in early Tuesday to play with that equipment a second time and make a few silly videos. After that I hurriedly left to drive to Durham to shoot my short film for Jay which took probably took an extra two hours because I only sorta know what I’m doing. Thankfully after shooting I stopped by my parents apartment for around an hour to get a quick snack and pick up my cat; who they were pet sitting for me. On the drive back to Asheboro my cat decided she found it necessary to pee in her crate making the 50 minutes left in the drive a great deal of fun. Upon dropping her off at my apartment I scurried to school to stitch together the lab video for Jay and promptly finished a couple minutes before close of lab due to Premiere being the amazing program that always loads quickly (said in sarcastic tone).

Wednesday was almost as long! After lecture with Kevin I headed straight to the computer lab to work with Brenden on Erins Lightroom assignment number 3, completely ignoring the new Photoshop assignment Kevin had just given us. After completing that assignment in lab with Kevin I got to work on stitching together my time lapse and my short leaving the department around 8 pm. After a long day of working at school I continued to work at home. Me! being the perfect student I am, reorganized my living room and shot all my photos for magazine.

Thursday was a stressful mess. After Kevins lecture I promptly ran into the computer lab to start Erins online assignment, getting all the notes done for the videos I decided working on the magazine was more important at the moment and switched to that. Getting truly frustrated and angry with Brenden trying to figure out how Photoshop works we spent a great deal of the day staring at our computer screens only to take a break when we had to go to Kevins lab. Finishing and ordering the magazine maybe a couple hours later I hunkered down and finished the screenshots portion of Erins Lightroom assignment. To keep the streak going that day I shot some macro of a beautiful colorful beetle with Matts final assignment in mind and even printed my shoe assignment. Ending the day helping Rafe with his magazine and leaving the department around 10 pm. Shout out to Bojangles drive through for being open until 11 pm and being my only meal that day.

Friday, Friday was supposed to be nice and easy; which it was. I slept in until 8 am. came in around 9 to help Brenden with his banner and in all honesty just the Inability I have to sit still while I could be doing something prevented me from ever actually relaxing. Shot and printed my weekly for Matt and went home.

Long story short I didn’t take care of myself this week. I forgot to eat most days and even when I remembered just didn’t. I lost a bit of weight but not an amount I haven’t seen myself drop before while eating three meals a day. This program is intense take care of yourself. ❀



So, the week before the fourth I hit my goal weight! now the fun part of maintaing that.

The perks of making my goal is that I’m working out almost everyday again. I’ve put up a pull-up bar in the door way between my living room and bedroom. With that there I do a couple of pull-ups or chin-ups every time I walk under the door frame empty handed. with those irregular work outs I’ve been swimming a mile twice a week and running five miles every weekend.

Besides gaining weight and working out over the fourth I went to Philadelphia to help my friend move. There I had a lot of fun taking photographs and walking about five miles a day plus caring boxes up two flights of stairs was pretty fun.

I hope everyone had an amazing fourth!


Jumping In!

My weight has plateaued at a nice 110lbs with my goal of 115lb not too far away. With the halt in my weight gain I figured I might as well get back to swimming so I jumped into the pool this week and swam a mile.

Here’s my set:

500 warm up  

50 swim
50 kick
50 drill
100 IM*
( x4 IM* order)

200 Cool down

This set was an old warm up for my year round team, New South Swimming, and it was definitely nice to revisit but, WOW, I’ve gotten slow. The warm up itself is a good all around work out because it works with every stoke and has always been what I use to judge my level of swimming . I know that this warm up is easy for me when I swim three miles a day, and a big pain in my butt when I haven’t swam for a while. I struggled a good bit with it this time but I know after a few weeks of swimming regularly I’ll be able to swim it easy. Over all, I’m extremely happy to be back in the water and am hoping to improve quickly!

Who want to join me next time?


*IM - individual medley

Happy fathers day

I going to take a pause on writing about my weight this week to give a quick shout out to my Dad, Daryn Berlin.

Daryn Berlin

The man right there has always been there for me and I cannot express how grateful I am to have such a supportive father. He is the reason I got into photography and the reason I have the confidence to prose it as a career. He put my first camera into my hands and watched me run around the house taking pictures of everything in sight while continuing to support me and tell me he was proud of me with all my artistic endeavors.

Thank you Dad


Ps. If you want to know about my weight I’m back up to where i was when i started and am maintaining that with slight growth

I don’t know how this happened

What I was most looking forward to this week was getting back in the water. I was a competitive swimmer for six years of my life and no part of me wanted to stop. I am a very active person who’s constantly moving. My friends think I’m weird because I love working out and the feeling of being sore. I was swimming a minimum of 5 days a week and four miles a day; no days off.

Taken by Daryn Berlin (My dad) at one of my year round swim meets during warm ups.

This past year I’ve been putting my education first and have been swimming a lot less. When I was told I needed to gain weight I stopped all together. I made sure I was eating three meals a day. I gave myself breaks and days to do nothing. I even started drinking meal replacement shakes along with one meal a day. I made it a goal that I’d gain this weight. It was gonna happen!

This week I dropped around 8lbs.

I haven’t weighed that little since freshman year of high school.

I’ve some how gained 3 of those pounds back but it’s still a big set back.


Grocery Shopping

Gaining weight is my priority because, well you know, health; so I put off training for two weeks. I’ve gained 2lbs!

: )

On a different note, I’ve never really liked grocery shopping and having to really plan out my diet doesn’t make it any less stressful.

My diet would normally contain very little dairy and basically only white meats, but having to gain weight has forced me to branch out into new territory: bacon, burgers, sausage, Ice cream, whole milk, cheese! Sadly it’s not all just fun greasy foods, I still have to make sure I’m getting all my vitamins and eat my salads and fruit. Gaining weight doesn’t equal being unhealthy.


Y’all I’m Small

Hey Everyone,

It was recently made aware to me that, as a women, if I don’t have a certain body fat percentage my body will suit me unfit to have a child and basically turn off my uterus.

I currently weigh 108 Ibs and am 5’6”

I was also recently challenged by a friend to finish a sprint triathlon. That entails swimming half a mile, biking 10 miles, and running three.

I’ve decided to not let my body stop me from doing something I want to do and challenge myself by attempting to gain the weight I need while training for this triathlon.

I hope you’re all excited to get to know me while following my fitness journey!

– Berlin